​​​​Hannah Gilmer 

16 years old

Columbus Georgia

A senior at Northside High School, died June 16, 2012 after her boyfriend lost control of the car.

The odds were stacked against the young couple as they drove down County Line Road. According to the police report, the 17-year-old driver was under the influence of alcohol when he lost control of his girlfriend's 2006 Toyota Scion.

The driver survived the crash but his girlfriend, 16-year-old Hannah Gilmer, did not.

The single car crash happened shortly after 11 o'clock Friday night. 
The car began to spin out, slamming into an embankment; it then flipped several times, mowed down a wooden fence and collided with a tree before resting upside down.  Hannah was ejected from the car as it flipped.

The couple was taken to the Medical Center where Hannah died from traumatic internal injuries around one in the morning.

According to the crash report, neither Hannah nor Clayton were wearing a seat belt.

Hours after the fatal crash Hannah's Facebook page was flooded with condolences from family and friends; many calling her beautiful and others saying her being gone is surreal.    

Hannah's boyfriend is being charged with numerous traffic charges, including 1st degree vehicular homicide, DUI, and improper lane change. 

APRIL 11, 2014- A former Northside High School student was sentenced to 15 years in prison — nine to serve — by a Muscogee County Superior Court judge Friday for his role in a 2012 automobile crash that left his 16-year-old girlfriend dead.


She had the whole world in the palm of her hands- a bright future ahead of her…high school graduation, college and pursuing a career. But all of Hannah Gilmer’s dreams were cut short after one person’s choice to drink and drive.

“The hardest part is not seeing her, not having her presence in this house,”Lisa Gilmer, Hannah’s mom says.

Now her family are the ones left with the consequences-a life without their Hannah-the pain as strong as ever.

“When the doctor came in, it was devastating, to hear those words. There are no words to describe it. I’m changed forever. I will never be the same. I’ll be a grieving mother until the day I die,” Gilmer says. But the saying time heals all wounds hasn’t come true for the Gilmers.”I think it’s more real after the second year. The first year you’re just in a fog and going through the motions of living.

And they can”t help but think, if the three teenagers would have called for help sooner perhaps Hannah would still be alive today.

“Anger comes into it, but I don’t dwell on the anger,” Gilmer says.

Instead the Gilmer’s are hoping their tragedy can be a lesson for others.

The Gilmer’s will never know what Hannah could have become because of a series of bad choices, but they do know where she is. And they can’t wait to see her again.




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